The Pink Cup Breast Cancer Challenge

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 Thank you for helping us raise over $16k for 2016
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2017 Events

One Mile Relay Run / 1/2 Mile Relay
Pink Spartan
Obstacle Course
Sod Surfing & Bi-Sod Surfing
Pink WOD Crossfit Challenge
3 Legged Relay
Blind Snakes
Pull the Load
Blind Football
Red Devils in a Basket
Chemo Relay
4x50 Scrub Quick Change Relay
Ducks in a Row
Word Search
Breast Cancer Puzzle Challenge
Pink Best Banner Challenge (completed and Judged on-site)
Scavenger Hunt 
​Losing your Marbles
CURE Challenge
PINK Ninja Warrior
Putt It In
Full Circle
Back to Back Pink Relay
Pink Cup Rocks Challenge

**Depending upon the number of teams participating, more challenges may be added or removed

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